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Sri & Jana Since 1991

Jana and I are high-school sweethearts. Our story began when we discovered our mutual interest in big dreams. Our boutique photography studio "The Nest" is our labor of love, a story of sacrifices, a creation as big and beautiful as our 10 year old son, Vyas.


We started off in a small way clicking pictures, memories, and everything in between. When Jana was pregnant, the beauty of life and creation had a whole new meaning for us. Freshly inspired, we quit our day jobs as healthcare consultants, one after another, immersing ourselves deeply and completely into the world of photography. For us, photography is more than a job. A career. It is our whole lives weaved together into an incredible world of possibility. Together, with our clients, who were once first-time moms-to-be, we built a community of warm and loving people who came back to us trusting us with their 4-12 day old newborns and yet again to capture milestones in childhood.


We are in this to join you in the beautiful journey called, life. Browse through our gallery and send us a note if you are inspired.